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No More Deadlines

2011-11-08 11:15:59 by J0hnTheF1sherman

I will no longer post deadlines for myself. I seem to excel at failing to meet them. Instead, I will just have to say that the new installment will be coming soon. How soon, is anyone's guess.


2011-11-04 20:54:30 by J0hnTheF1sherman

Well, seeing as how I have work tomorrow, I shall begin typing up the second part to Infection. Especially since I just finished writing it last night. If I don't get it up by tonight, it should be up sometime tomorrow or monday. Finally got the image I've been looking for with Mara. Beat Battlefield 3. And found a ton of Mastodon tracks. All in all, a good week.


2011-11-01 19:07:14 by J0hnTheF1sherman

Well, seeing as how my past weekend has been quite busy, I was unable to upload the next part to my story as scheduled. I will be working on the remainder of it over the next few days, when I'm not trying to draw up new ideas for the characters. >>

Resurrection Blog!

2011-10-16 20:02:25 by J0hnTheF1sherman

Seeing as how I now have tons of free time, I have set up a blog. This is, by far, my favorite website on the netz, and decided that you all should be the first to know. I'll be using said blog to post fan-based works for you all to read. (and will be adding pictures so those that can't have something to look at, jk) I have some of the first part of the first "book" written already, but not posted. (I like putting things in notebooks first, so only I know what I want)

For those who don't want to wait for the 31st: Because vampires like candy, too.

Resurrection Blog!