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Entry #4

No More Deadlines

2011-11-08 11:15:59 by J0hnTheF1sherman

I will no longer post deadlines for myself. I seem to excel at failing to meet them. Instead, I will just have to say that the new installment will be coming soon. How soon, is anyone's guess.


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2011-11-10 01:38:46

Deadlines put pressure on projects that then become rushed. Take your time!!

(Updated ) J0hnTheF1sherman responds:

Thanks. I seem to do better at delivering more work when I just go with the flow, rather than setting a date. The second part is up, now, and is about twice as long as part 1. I have to thank you for mentioning adding more detail. So, thank you again, and enjoy.


2011-11-12 19:35:06

I read part 2 of Infection, it was a lot better than part 1. A few typos here and there but it was clear that you put a lot more effort into this one. The bit where Rhylie appeared was kinda confusing but otherwise keep it up!!

J0hnTheF1sherman responds:

Her existence is explained, in detail, in Incubation. I'll start on writing it as soon as I type up the third part of Infection.